N.ave is a Philadelphia based Hip-Hop artist & producer who defies all notions of the typical Hip-hop archetypes. Stylish, charismatic & forward thinking, N.ave (pronounced Nave) has entered the game and is here to stay. His EP 'Black Professional' has recently dropped and it is a must have for any music enthusiast. 'Black Professional' gives a peak into the life of N.ave; an artist who works in the professional world during the day & grinds to perfect his craft at night.


Black Professional Credits & Song Info

1. Press Play (Written & Produced by N.ave) - 'Press Play' is a song about N.ave's perceived "player" persona in the office. The irony of the song is that N.ave is in a committed relationship and has no desire to entertain the temptations.

2. Copy That (Written & Produced by N.ave) - 'Copy That' was made as joke but became a favorite for many N.ave's friends and supporters (plus who doesn't like a nice club banger!). N.ave mimics the flows of various popular artists over a beat that is pretty pop friendly.

3. Cosby Kids (ft. Alyea Pierce) (Written by N.ave & Alyea Pierce; Produced by N.ave) - The lead single for the "Black Professional" EP. 'Cosby Kids' was originally written as a homage to Bill Cosby prior to his fall from grace. However, the music video addresses the issue in a beautiful and artistic way

4. Black Professional (Written by N.ave; Produced by Lapo) - The title track of the project. This song highlights N.ave's struggle with wanting to be bigger than life and how this could potentially ruin his home life

* All tracks mixed by Lapo